Frequently Answered Questions

We're reinventing traditional bookkeeping & payroll processes to make them as simple and straight forward as possible.

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With flat rate plans, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying either on a monthly or yearly basis ahead of time, no matter the number of hours spent by your accounting technician. This makes things much easier when you’re planning your business’ cash flow.

Yes, if you prefer not to take advantage of our flat fee services and prefer to pay by the hour. Please contact us for a quote.

You tell us what you need and we will provide it. From customized monthly reports to project-based reporting and financial statement review, we do our utmost to ensure our clients have the tools they need to fully grasp their business’ financial situation.

Booksify can help you with your bookkeeping, payroll & tax filings anytime, no matter where you are located. Your accounting technician will be available for phone calls or videoconferences and can handle any troubleshooting matters with you remotely.

You will have a dedicated human overseeing your account who will reach out to you for any missing information and with whom you can get in touch whenever necessary!

QuickBooks Online is the tool that we use because it provides the best functionality. If your business currently uses a different software, or none at all, Booksify will help with transferring the necessary data to a new QuickBooks Online account for you. All Booksify clients get access to discounted QuickBooks Online subscription fees so just ask! You will have access to your account from anywhere, any time and we can even add your accountant.

Yes, we do. Let us know what types of financial reports you would like and at what intervals during the year. We will make sure reports are sent to you when you need them.

Yes, you will have the chance to discuss one-on-one with a licensed CPA about your financial statements. Get in touch with us for more details.

Absolutely! We can discuss the process of getting your books up-to-date and include that in your plan.

Receipts can be scanned and emailed, or shared with us through a cloud-based option. If you would like us to help with scanning your receipts, just send us the hard copies.

Yes we do! If Booksify is handling your business’ bookkeeping, we can also handle your sales tax filings. Let us know how often your business needs to file so we can ensure no deadlines are missed. Check out one of our bundles to save on services, or choose a la carte tax filing services.

Yes, we can! Our CPAs will send your financial statements, as well as file your corporation or sole proprietorship’s tax return. Business income tax filings start from just $1000 when combined with one of Booksify’s yearly bundles.

Yes we can. You are welcome to connect us with your CPA so we can pass on your year-end tax package, or we can connect you with one of our CPA’s.

Since Booksify will be handling your bookkeeping throughout the year, we will have accurate year-end financial statements prepared for tax filing purposes. We will contact you if any additional information is required.

Booksify will be there to help you along the way. Just ask about our Auditing Services Package and we will be there when you need us.

If your business outsources tax filings to Booksify, we will set up internal reminders to make sure that HST/GST filings, as well as corporate tax filings, are submitted on time so that you won't incur any overdue interest charges from CRA.

Booksify will provide you with a list of items we will need in order to properly set up any employees or contractors on regular payroll intervals. If your business keeps a time sheet for unsalaried staff, Booksify will also need access to a time sheet. Booksify will keep you updated on any important dates related to payroll and reporting.

There are no restrictions required in terms of number of employees. We just need to know how many employees you have and how often you file payroll.

Yes, we can handle payroll for both contractors and employees.

Yes, under the Enhanced Payroll plan, Booksify will prepare T4’s for all employees, as well as T4A’s for all contractors. You will have a chance to look over all documents before we file them on your behalf.

Yes we can. Please provide this information to Booksify during the onboarding process.

Yes we can. In this case, without bookkeeping, only the full-service Enhanced Payroll package is available.

Booksify uses a fully-integrated software system, overseen & managed by your human Accounting Technician, so we can work more efficiently at a fraction of the cost of a traditional bookkeeper/payroll services provider.

We would be sorry to see you go, but we offer very flexible terms and would only require 30-days notice of cancellation in writing. If you paid a yearly fee upfront, Booksify will refund any balance owing from 30-days after receipt of notice in writing.

Yes, you will have the chance to discuss one-on-one with a licensed CPA about your financial statements. Get in touch with us for more details.

Yes, we love partnering with other businesses. Get in touch with us to see how we can make this happen at

Absolutely. Get in touch with us to discuss opportunities for collaboration at

You can expect more from Booksify than traditional bookkeepers. Not only do we handle the data, but we'll also help you reduce costs, stay on top of your financials and plan for the future.

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